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stuff for winter

One Stone Flow

Drone + Network

  • (luke + rob)
  • integration
  • test
  • if low pitch, route to machine with subwoofer


server working with midi keyboard routing note events to 2 slork-stations

  • need to test with multiple machines and disklavier
  • How to run the drone client:
    • Run syncDronePublic.ck, then syncDroneClient.ck
  • How to play the drone instrument:
    • Your drone instrument will play up to three different notes, who get their pitch from the piano.
    • the "- +" (throttle?) paddle controls the overall volume.
    • You can control the sound of each note with the joystick. Pressing button 3 cycles through the voices.
    • The joystick controls the drone in the following ways:
      • Up: raises the pitch of the slave oscillator
      • Down: slightly detunes the bass oscillator
      • Left-Right: lowers or raises the filter cutoff
      • Twist Right: speeds of the LFO
    • You must press the trigger for the joystick to affect the sound. This allows you to leave a parameter at a certain value.
    • pressing button 11 (to the bottom left of the joystick) kills all notes.

Nature samples

  • (mpb)
  • organize what we need
  • edit sounds
  • playback

Voices audio

  • (mike)
  • editing
  • organizing

Voices instrument

  • (mike + mpb)
  • intelligible speech == default
  • easy navigation of parameters
  • make chuck crash less (chuck command line)
  • make it sound good


  • (ge)
  • instrument (for command line)
  • organize files


  • (all)
  • transitions
  • uploading and distribution files (svn + disk)