Siqi Mou Final Project Music 220a Fall 2008

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IDEA: Why are there so many Siqi's?

This music, or multi-channel monologue, comes into being as a result of the conversations in my mind.

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I did a sophomore college in music improvisation, which has opened my eyes to the infinite possibility of musical experience and artistic profundity. Inspired, I start to question myself about my conviction, my goal, my interest and passion, which resulted in a debating in my mind.

At a time, this debating has directed me to a conundrum where I cannot find a solution. This uncertainty and insecurity about future has made me further explore my potentials and the variety of aspects in myself.

METHODOLOGY: How to represent so many Siqi’s?

Recording: I used Pro tool in Mac and microphone to record my voice, voices in Studio D.

Effects: Most of the editing is done in pro tools. To represent different layers of personality in myself, I chose to use a variety of voice effects, which is accomplished in chuck.

Variety: In the selection of different levels of volume, I intended to make them correspondent to the actual situation. For instance, weak voice represents a hesitant attitude, while loud voice shows a strong opinion.

SIGNIFICANCE: Differentiating Siqi's

Multi-channel piece, in its very nature, provokes a representation of difference and variety. By means of 8-channel voices and conversations, I aim to reflect 8 dimensions of my personality and the broader spectrum of my thoughts and debates.

This idea, coupled with the use of third-person narrative and my experience of contemporary and classical music, gives birth to this piece Why Are There So Many Siqi’s?, in order to display the debating going on in my mind at the beginning of sophomore year.

BIG PICTURE: Debating going on...

At the end of the piece, I have to find an end to my voice, or voices and a start for my sophomore year...

I chose to end the piece with a sudden emission of all of my voices, meaning that the debate will go on and on and provoke evolutions in my mind.

I chose to start my sophomore year with MUSIC 220A, in which I find an exquisite intersection where music, technology and every day world become a whole.