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Mike Gao's 250b Wiki


Developed with Craig Hanson, the LUMI is a 32 pressure sensitive LED button matrix combined with a touchscreen, 8 knobs, crossfader and infrared sensor.
This project was developed in 250a, and continued in 250b.
For 250b, a new chassis was constructed and knobs, infrared and crossfader was also added. Special thanks to Chris Weil for the help on mechanical engineering.
New software features include:
- Auto chop
- Chop to Step sequencer
- Auto-assign chops to buttons

Features I am still working on over spring break:
- KNN / MFCC based beatbox trigger of cops
- groove features
- auto chop by MIR

Difficulties faced/Lesson learned:

When utilizing an infrared sensor in a switching circuit, care must be taken in the power supply of the infrared, as there is a 20ms or so latency between when the infrared sensor is powered, and when it will give useful output. The way we got around this was using a transistor circuit, and permanently connecting the infrared's own power supply. The switching is then handled by the transistor rather than the sensor.