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From the board of ideas (pictured to the right -- click to enlarge) we came up with these groups (below). Keep in mind:

Slork 2016 final board.jpg
  • Feel free to shuffle teams as necessary.
  • Topics/ideas are completely malleable. Feel free to mix/match or come up with something new!
  • Please have something ready to run for the group next week!
  • One station is in the listening room for instrument prototyping.


  • Trijeet, Nathan (possible theme: Grid/Boids)
  • Ludwig, Kitty, Arushi (possible theme: Trolling Siri + Silence & Ringtones)
  • Paul, Ben (possible theme: film scoring)
  • Jack, Giuliano, Alison (possible theme: Musical Chairs & Screaming)
  • Chryssie, Sanjay (possible theme: Theme & Degradation / Competition & Failure)